VR Motion Chair brings more profits in shopping malls

The Australian customer is a local shopping mall operator, and they have shown strong interest in VR gaming equipment. After communicating and understanding with our VR company, they decided to purchase multiple VR egg chairs and place them on the crowded streets of the mall to attract more customers.

After careful planning and layout, the VR egg chairs in the shopping mall are very eye-catching, attracting many young people to stop and watch. These VR egg chairs provide high-quality virtual reality gaming experience, attracting many young people to try and experience. Soon, there were surprised expressions and shouts in the mall, filling the whole mall with an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity.

Through the experience of the VR egg chair, players can feel the immersive game fun in the virtual reality world, and experience immersive racing, shooting, adventure and other game scenes. They explore the virtual world and interact with game characters through body movements and handle manipulation, gaining a highly immersive and exciting gaming experience.

The surprise and excited reaction of these players attracted more customers to visit and increased traffic to the mall. The VR egg chair in the mall has become a popular attraction, attracting many tourists to stop and watch and experience, bringing more exposure and passenger flow to the mall.

Through the cooperation with our VR company, the Australian customer introduced the innovative VR egg chair in the mall, which successfully attracted more customers and increased the traffic and exposure of the mall. They are full of confidence in continuing cooperation and expanding business in the future, and believe that VR equipment will become an important VR equipment for them to attract customers and improve entertainment experience

Some customers expressed surprise and excitement about the gaming experience of the VR egg chair, and they commented: "This is the best gaming device I have ever experienced in a mall!", "It's really cool, I feel like I'm in the game world Same!", "This VR egg chair is so cool, I never thought I could experience such a fun game in a mall!".

Players also expressed high appreciation for the images and sound effects of the VR egg chair. They commented: "The picture is clear, the sound effects are realistic, and it really makes people feel immersive!", "It feels like participating in the game in person, and the special effects awesome!".

In addition, customers also gave positive comments on the comfort and operability of the VR egg chair. They said: "It is very comfortable to sit in the egg chair, and the control is also very simple. It is very suitable for players of all ages!", "One I was a little worried about dizziness at first, but after the actual experience, I found that it is very comfortable and there is no dizziness at all!".

Australian customers also appreciate our SKYFUN after-sales service and technical support, they think our team responds quickly, solves problems in a timely manner, and provides professional support and guidance.

These customers' evaluations fully affirmed the excellent performance of our company's products in terms of game experience, image and sound effects, comfort and operability, and proved that our VR egg chair has attracted widespread attention and praise in shopping malls. Attracting customers played a positive role.

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