VR devices operate in hotels

A client in Russia purchased several of our VR devices and placed them in the shopping area of a large local hotel for business. They express high praise for our products and services. Among them, the children's VR simulator in the store has attracted widespread attention and interest.

First of all, customers are satisfied with the quality and variety of our VR equipment. They mentioned that our VR simulators include various types, such as racing simulators, 360-degree panoramic VR, VR simulators for children, etc., which add a lot of color to their shopping area. They particularly emphasized the attractiveness of the children's VR simulator, calling it a unique highlight that attracted many children and parents to experience it.

When the children's VR simulator started to operate, it attracted many children to experience it. A series of happy, exciting and surprised cries came out from the scene, attracting many people to watch.

Children experienced a variety of virtual worlds in the VR simulator. They can drive spaceships to explore, participate in virtual competitions, explore mysterious islands, etc. The immersive game experience makes them excited. Many parents also appreciated the safety and interactivity of VR simulators for kids, seeing it as a fun and safe way for their children to have a great time inside the hotel.

The lively atmosphere and the excited expressions of the children attracted the attention of many other customers and tourists. They stopped to watch and were attracted by the excitement and fun brought by the children's VR simulator. This has also brought more traffic and attention to the hotel shopping area, bringing growth opportunities for the hotel business.

Secondly, customers appreciate our technical support and after-sales service. They mentioned our team's responsiveness and timely resolution of issues, ensuring smooth operation of the equipment and a good experience for customers. Customers feel that our technical support team is very professional in equipment installation, setup and maintenance, and willing to help and solve problems, giving them peace of mind and convenience in the process of doing business.

Russian customers are satisfied with our VR equipment and services, and think our products are attractive and competitive in the market. They also spoke highly of our technical support and after-sales service, saying that our team responds quickly and solves problems in a timely manner. This customer case proves the potential of our VR equipment in the Russian market, and has achieved success in the operation of the hotel shopping area, attracting a large number of customers and tourists, and bringing good business performance to Russian customers.

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