VR equipment landed in Lithuania's children's playground

The story begins with a businessman in Lithuania who runs a small amusement park. The equipment in the store is mainly some traditional arcade game machines and children's amusement equipment. However, as the times changed, the merchant began to realize the need to introduce new and more advanced amusement equipment to attract more consumers.

In his search, he found our company's VR equipment. After detailed understanding and comparison, he decided to buy two VR devices: one is HTC STANDING GAME MACHINE, and the other is VR egg chair.

First, let's take a look at the features of HTC STANDING GAME MACHINE. This VR device uses the most advanced technology, and players can control the game through handles and body movements. HTC STANDING GAME MACHINE provides many different game modes, such as shooting, sports, role-playing, etc., each mode has its own unique gameplay and challenges. This game mode is very suitable for parents and children to play together, allowing them to get more interaction and communication in the game.

Next, let’s introduce the VR Egg Chair. Ideal for kids and teens, the device has an oval shape with a built-in VR headset and seat. After sitting in the chair, the player can experience a very real virtual reality world. The VR Egg Chair offers many different game modes, such as racing, flying, adventure, and more. In the game, players can experience very realistic actions and scenes, allowing them to immerse themselves in the game and forget the troubles of real life.

After the customer put these two devices in his amusement park store, he found that the number of tourists began to increase gradually, and these new devices were very popular among consumers. Their business quickly became prosperous. Because HTC STANDING GAME MACHINE has a variety of game types, including flying, racing, FPS and other types of games, it has attracted many children and teenagers to experience it, and the VR egg chair is deeply loved by its comfortable experience and diverse game content. Loved by children.

Customers said that the reason why they choose to buy our VR equipment is mainly because our products have a good reputation in the market and the price is more affordable than other brands. Our technical support team was also very helpful during the installation process, getting the equipment up and running smoothly right the first time. During the operation of the equipment, our after-sales service is also very timely and professional, so that their park can operate stably and the customer satisfaction is also high.

Through this cooperation, customers expressed that they are very satisfied with the VR equipment and services provided by our company, and will consider continuing to purchase our products in the future. At the same time, they will also introduce our products and services to other enterprises and individuals in need as their trusted VR equipment suppliers.

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