Small VR PARK built in France

On a bustling commercial street in France, a small VR playground called "VR Park" quickly emerged. This exciting entertainment place is composed of two kinds of our company's VR equipment purchased by a French customer: 3 VR egg chair and a 360VR. Through careful site selection and innovative equipment layout, they have successfully attracted a large number of tourists and received high praise from customers.

First, let's take a look at why they chose this commercial street as their location. This street is located in the center of a busy city in France, with a huge flow of people every day. It's a popular destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. Such a geographical location ensures that the VR amusement park can easily attract passing pedestrians and provide them with a novel entertainment option.

The main equipment of the VR park is 3 VR egg chairs and a 360VR. These two VR equipments have their own characteristics and can bring different entertainment experiences to tourists.

The first is the VR egg chair, which is considered to be one of the fastest payback VR devices. Each egg chair is equipped with a high-definition VR helmet and vibration feedback system, allowing users to feel the excitement of the game immersively. In the egg chair, players can choose from different virtual reality games, such as racing, shooting and adventure. This kind of equipment is very suitable for those players who want to experience the thrill, and because the time of each experience is short, it can quickly rotate tourists, increasing traffic and revenue.

The other device is 360VR, which is a panoramic virtual reality equipment that allows players to immerse themselves in the virtual world in all directions and without dead ends. Through the head-mounted display and sensors, players can explore various scenes, such as fantasy worlds, natural scenery and sci-fi planets. 360VR is characterized by allowing players to feel an immersive viewing experience, and it is one of the most exciting and engaging gaming experiences available.

The success of VR Paradise is inseparable from players' high evaluation of the product. Visitors have said that the VR egg chair has brought an amazing experience. They feel the speed and passion in the virtual racing car, experience the real battle scene in the shooting game, and explore the mysterious world in the adventure game. The vibration feedback of the egg chair increases the sense of immersion, making players feel as if they are in the scene of the game. And 360VR allows them to fully immerse themselves in the wonderful landscape of the virtual world, and different scenes make them feel different emotions and experiences. Many players said that the time they spent in the VR park was unforgettable, a real adventure and entertainment trip.

In addition, customers have also given high praise to our company and products. They believe our VR devices are of superior quality and provide an unparalleled entertainment experience. They appreciate our company's professional team who provide excellent after-sales service and technical support to ensure that the equipment is always in good condition. Customers also said that they are very satisfied with our cooperation, promised to continue to buy our products, and plan to expand their VR park business.

By choosing this small VR amusement park business model, French customers have achieved great success. They not only attract a large number of tourists on the busy commercial streets, but also provide a novel entertainment option, bringing fun and excitement to people. In addition, the VR egg chair, as a device with a relatively fast return on cost, has brought considerable income to customers. And 360VR provides players with the most immersive experience, further attracting more tourists.

To sum up, French customers have achieved great success in commercial streets by purchasing our VR equipment and opening small VR playgrounds. Their selection has been highly evaluated by players and has been recognized by customers for our company and products. This case once again proves the potential and opportunities of the VR entertainment industry, and also demonstrates the advantages and rewards of the small business model. We, SKYFUN VR, look forward to cooperating with more customers to jointly promote the development of the VR entertainment industry.

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