In the lively scene in Colombia, our VR equipment has brought great success to a local customer who operates indoor and outdoor playgrounds. This customer originally purchased our VR egg chair and VR racing equipment and placed them in an indoor playground. These devices quickly attracted a large number of tourists, making it the most popular entertainment venue in the area.

First of all, let us introduce the equipment of the indoor playground. The VR egg chair provides an immersive movie theater experience. Players sit in a comfortable egg chair and enjoy a realistic virtual reality experience through a head-mounted display and stereo headphones. Whether immersed in thrilling action movies or exploring mysterious fantasy worlds, players can feel the shock and fun of being there.

The VR racing equipment provides an excellent experience for car fans and racing enthusiasts. Through the realistic simulated driving seat and precise controls, players can experience the excitement and fun of high-speed driving on a virtual track. Real visual and sound effects make players feel like they are in a real racing field, challenging the speed and track to their heart's content.

With the success of the indoor playground, the client decided to further expand the business. They bought new console games and VR shooting equipment in our company, and added them to the store for customers to experience. Shared host games provide a variety of game options, and players can enjoy all kinds of exciting games. VR gun shooting brings a more exciting and tense experience. Players can participate in virtual shooting games through simulated gun devices, and experience real gun shooting actions and tense battle scenes.

In addition to the indoor playground, the customer also placed VR egg chairs and VR gun shooting equipment in the outdoor venue. The outdoor environment provides players with a larger space and a wider field of view, allowing them to experience the virtual reality world more freely. Players can sit in the VR egg chair, travel through unknown fantasy worlds, or participate in exciting gun battles, and fully release their fighting instincts.

The gameplay and functional features of these devices are deeply loved by players. The comfortable design and realistic virtual reality experience of the VR egg chair immerse players in it and enjoy a unique and unforgettable gaming experience. Both children and adult gamers expressed high interest and satisfaction with these devices. Their operation of the equipment is simple and easy to understand, and they can get started immediately without much guidance and training.

The expressions of the players during the experience process are the best witnesses. Their faces glow with wonder, excitement and contentment as they don their head-mounted displays and immerse themselves in the wonder of the virtual world. They experience the thrilling and exciting car racing, escape from the horrible zombie world, or fight bravely on the battlefield. Their instant reactions and body language fully demonstrated the charm of virtual reality technology.

For our products, customers have given high praise. They consider our equipment to be high quality, durable and reliable. Customers appreciate the service and support of our company, and they emphasize the professionalism and efficiency of our team throughout the sales and installation process. They are deeply satisfied with the quality and innovation of our products, and expressed their willingness to recommend our equipment to other potential customers.

In Colombia's commercial entertainment sector, our VR devices have brought significant growth and success to our clients' businesses. The client's playground has become a hotspot for local people to pursue entertainment, attracting a large number of tourists and customers. Their business revenue continues to grow and their customer base continues to expand.

This case not only demonstrates the advantages and value of our VR equipment, but also verifies our company's strength as a leading VR solution provider. Our products not only have excellent quality and performance, but also provide a full range of support and services to help customers achieve their business goals and success.

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