VR equipment successfully entered the large playground in Uzbekistan

A client in Uzbekistan decided to introduce VR equipment for their large playground. They purchased multiple VR simulation game machines and placed them in a dedicated area in the park. This playground already has popular outdoor amusement equipment such as large roller coasters, pirate ships, and Ferris wheels, and now the introduction of VR equipment has added more innovation and diversity to the amusement park.

First, let's take a closer look at what these devices do and how they play. The VR Egg Chair Cinema is an engaging experience that uses a comfortable egg chair and a head-mounted display to provide players with a realistic virtual reality movie experience. These films include different genres such as science fiction, adventure and fantasy, which can meet the needs of tourists of different ages. Players sit on the egg chair and experience the thrilling and unforgettable scenes in the film personally. This device provides a whole-body immersive experience that is different from the traditional way of watching movies, allowing players to fully enjoy the fun brought by virtual reality.

On the other hand, customers also chose the HTC platform as an option for interactive games. The HTC platform offers a variety of interactive games that suit the tastes of teenagers and young adults. These games can be operated through the handle or touchpad of the VR device, and players can interact with the virtual world and experience a brand new game feeling. This device provides a variety of game options, from shooting games to adventure puzzles, players can choose different game experiences according to their preferences.

In terms of player experience, VR devices give them a unique and exciting feel. When players put on the head-mounted display and enter the virtual world immersively, their expressions and reactions are full of surprise, excitement and satisfaction. Their eyes sparkle with excitement, and their arm and body movements match the virtual scene perfectly. Whether engaging in exciting movie scenes or plunging into the world of interactive games, players are fully immersed and enjoying incredible experiences. Their smiles, screams and applause filled the entire indoor amusement park, attracting more tourists and customers to experience it.

We had an in-depth communication with customers to understand why they choose VR egg chair cinema and HTC platform. According to the client, the VR Egg Chair Cinema provides sci-fi movies, which are in line with the yearning and exploration desire of the children in the indoor amusement park for the fantasy world. Through virtual reality, they can experience exciting adventures in a safe and controlled environment, which fits their needs and expectations. The HTC platform, on the other hand, provides a wealth of interactive games that are popular with young people and stimulate their desire to participate and compete. The client believes that these two devices are very suitable for the existing indoor amusement park and can attract more target audiences.

Customers have given high praise to our products and services. They praised our equipment for its reliability, performance, and ease of use for players of all ages. They specifically mentioned the professionalism and efficiency of our team in sales, installation and after-sales support. Customers believe that our products and services not only meet but exceed their expectations, bringing significant growth and success to their indoor amusement parks.

In summary, the Uzbekistan customer case shows the great potential and market opportunity of VR equipment in indoor amusement parks. By introducing the VR egg chair cinema and HTC platform, the client has successfully added innovation and variety to their amusement park. These devices not only provide players with an immersive experience, but also bring business growth and customer satisfaction to customers.

We remain committed to delivering innovative VR solutions and working closely with our customers to help them achieve their business goals and success. Through continuous innovation and improvement, we believe that VR equipment will continue to play a role in the entertainment industry

Important role. We look forward to cooperating with more customers to jointly explore the unlimited potential of the VR entertainment market.

In the customer's after-sales feedback, they expressed that they are very satisfied with the quality and stability of our equipment. They point to the durability and reliability of the equipment, which allows it to withstand heavy use and frequent visitor traffic, which is important to their business. In addition, our technical support team responds promptly and provides high-quality service to help them solve any potential problems and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Customers also indicated that their visitors had very positive feedback on the VR devices, with many seeing it as an unforgettable experience and a positive boost to the attraction and reputation of the amusement park.

To sum up, Uzbekistan customers have successfully added innovation and variety to their indoor amusement park by purchasing our VR egg chair cinema and HTC platform. The devices provided an exciting and immersive experience that generated enthusiastic responses from visitors. Customers speak highly of our product quality, service and after-sales support, resulting in significant growth and success for their amusement parks. We will continue to strive to provide high-quality VR solutions that meet our customers' needs and help them succeed in the highly competitive entertainment market.

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