VR Amusement Park Successfully Landed in Indian Supermarket

VR Amusement Park Successfully Landed in Indian Supermarket

In India, several of our VR game consoles were successfully purchased by a customer and placed in their store in a mall. This client has an innovative concept and turned his store into a small VR amusement park, which includes different types of equipment such as 4-person cinema, 360VR and egg chairs. This VR amusement park provides customers with a unique entertainment experience, and has also won high praise and recognition from customers for the products and stores.

First, let's introduce the concept of this innovative VR amusement park. The client's goal was to provide customers with an exciting and memorable virtual reality experience. They arranged the store with a sense of technology, which attracted the attention of many people. This small VR amusement park is not only an entertainment place, but also a leisure place for customers to immerse themselves in the virtual world. Whether it is young people, families or friends, they can enjoy the fun brought by VR technology here.

In this VR amusement park, different products provide diverse gameplay and functions. The first is a 4-person cinema, where customers can sit in comfortable seats, wear helmets, and enter the same virtual world together. They can choose from different genres such as thrilling adventure, action or hilarious comedy. In the theater, players can share this immersive experience with friends, interact and spend a good time together.

The second is 360VR, which is a panoramic virtual reality experience. Customers can stand in the center, put on the helmet, and then turn their bodies 360 degrees to feel immersive. They can explore different scenarios, such as fantasy worlds, fascinating natural landscapes or thrilling sports venues. This immersive experience allows customers to fully immerse themselves in virtual reality, as if they are in another world.

Finally, there is the egg chair, which is a personalized VR experience device. Every customer can sit in the egg chair, put on the helmet, and then control the game through the handle. They can choose different types of games, such as adventure, shooting, racing, etc., and participate in them personally. The sports seat and vibration effect of the egg chair allow players to experience a more realistic gaming experience, bringing great fun and excitement.

For players, this VR amusement park is an extremely exciting and memorable place. They can interact with friends and family members in the virtual world, enjoying excitement and fun. Many players have said that this brand-new entertainment method allows them to immerse themselves in it, forget the shackles of reality, and bring a new experience and feeling. They appreciated the high quality and excellent performance of the products, and spoke highly of the store's design and service.

Customer feedback on the product and its own store has also been very positive. They believe that the VR amusement park has brought a huge value-added effect to the store. It not only attracts more customers, but also brings an additional source of income to the store. Customers are very satisfied with our product quality and service level, and said that this cooperation is a wise decision. They see the huge potential of VR entertainment devices in the Indian market and plan to further expand their business by introducing more VR devices.

In the local market, this small VR amusement park has achieved remarkable success and market feedback. Customers are flocking to this innovative entertainment venue, and the continuous increase in customer traffic has brought considerable revenue to the store. At the same time, this VR amusement park has also aroused heated discussions on social media, with many customers sharing their wonderful moments in the virtual world, further promoting the exposure and awareness of the brand.

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