SKYFUN VR Whole-site design: creating infinite possibilities for VR entertainment space

January 11, 2024

VR Whole-site design usually refers to a comprehensive design plan that covers all aspects of a venue, space, or event to create a unified, complete experience. This can include space layout, decoration, lighting design, selection and configuration of technical equipment, and flow design of the entire experience. In entertainment, exhibitions, theme parks, and virtual reality 

experiences, the overall design is particularly important.As shown in the picture, the displayed 14*32 448 square meter VR venue design contains various types of VR game consoles.

We can plan the optimal product mix based on the area of the site.

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360VR simulator 

1.High-definition picture quality and smoothness: 360-degree VR simulatorsusually use high-definition display technology to provide clear and realistic pictures while ensuring smoothness during the experience.

2.Multiple popular 360VR roller coaster games simulate the real scenes of roller coasters in amusement parks, coupled with all-round stereo sound effects, further enhancing the user's immersive gaming experience.

3.Seat belts in multiple directions ensure player safety in all aspects.Make the entire game process exciting and realistic.

4.The high-tech appearance 360-degree rotating seat, with single and double seat options, allows you to embark on a speedy adventure.

360 vr simulator, 360 vr chair

360 VR simulator

vr driving simulator

VR racing is an ideal choice for racing enthusiasts. Through VR driving simulator, you will experience the most realistic and exciting racing adventure.

1.Diverse track environments: From deserts to forests to mountains, VR racing provides diverse track environments, allowing you to challenge your driving skills in different terrains.

2.Real sense of control: With the help of advanced simulation technology,VR driving simulator allows you to feel the real sense of control. Every steering, acceleration and braking can make the entire machine move with three degrees of freedom.

3.Multiple vehicle options: From classic sports cars to off-road jeeps, VR racing provides a wealth of vehicle options to meet the preferences and challenge levels of different players.

4.Arcade PC Racing car Classic arcade experience: Arcade computer racing inherits the style of traditional arcade games, bringing players a classic racing game experience while combining the innovation of modern technology.Rich game content: Arcade computer racing includes a variety of racing modes and track options. Players can challenge according to their own preferences to keep the game fresh.

vr racing car simulator ,9d vr racing

HTC walking vr platform

1.Social interaction:HTC Walking VR Platform virtual reality platform is available in single and double models. Players can participate in games with friends or other players and experience adventures in the virtual world together, enhancing the fun of social interaction.

2.Diverse gaming experience:HTC Walking VR Platform provides a variety of game options, including ,Ski Adventure, Rhythm Light Saber, Fruit Slicing, Angry Birds, etc. These popular games cover different themes and game styles to meet the preferences of different players.

3.Inspire sports fun:htc vive platform focuses on players' sports participation, operating the game through body movements such as walking and running, allowing users to feel the vitality of the body and the fun of sports in the game, combining virtuality with reality.

htc vive platform vr platform virtual reality platform

The integration of these products in the entire design provides users with a diverse, highly interactive, and immersive VR gaming and entertainment space. This diversified combination of machines makes the entire design more attractive. Customers can always find the game content they are interested in, continuously improving users’ experience of VR games.If you also want to have a fast VR adventure or you want us to make a design plan for your VR amusement park venue, please feel free to contact us!

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