Led by VR, will arcade amusement parks redefine entertainment?

January 16, 2024

With the continuous development of science and technology, VR (virtual reality) technology has gradually become an important innovation in the entertainment industry. In traditional arcade amusement parks, we can not only find classic gift game machines and claw machines, but also incorporate advanced VR game machines to provide players with a more diverse interactive game experience.

Therefore, the placement of VR equipment is not only limited to amusement parks, but also becomes more and more common in public places such as shopping malls. People are no longer limited to playing games on their mobile phones, but can also go shopping with friends and Experience a whole new way to play as a family. This change has also further shortened the distance between people and technology, making entertainment more social and interactive.

Some of the more popular game machines are VR dancing machines, which are usually placed on the first floor of shopping malls in areas with a lot of traffic or at the entrance of the entire amusement park. Because of the novel game method, many people will stop and watch. , bringing unlimited potential business opportunities. Our company also has this popular VR dancing machine. Are you curious about what this machine is? Next I will introduce you to more details.

VR dancing machine ,vr arcade machine

Skfun vr dancing machine allows you to experience the fun of combining music and sports

The colorful machine appearance combined with dynamic music special effects allows you to immerse yourself in the charm of VR games.

Paired with HTC 1set, including sensor, handle, diverse dance options: This device is usually equipped with a variety of dance modes and music choices, from pop music to traditional music, players can choose different dance styles according to personal preferences.

Full body motion tracking: VR dance machine can accurately capture the player's dance movements through full body motion tracking technology, making the player's dance more real and vivid.In addition to VR dance machines, there are also popular htc game consoles.

HTC VR Music Feast: The ultimate experience of lightsaber rhythm games. 

Htc VR gmaing platform Game console social interaction: HTC VR Gaming Platform provides a multiplayer game mode, allowing players to interact with friends online and experience the fun of the virtual world together.Regular updates: The game content on the platform will be updated regularly to keep it fresh and provide players with a continuously enriched gaming experience. Multiple screens to choose from, full-sensory interaction: HTC VR Gaming Platform provides a full range of game interaction not only through vision, but also through audio, touch and other senses, allowing players to be more deeply immersed in the game. In the game, players need to follow To the rhythm of the music, use a virtual lightsaber to cut the flying blocks. The game combines music, lightsaber action, and reaction speed to give players an immersive feeling. Because it is simple to play but has enough depth, it has become one of the popular games on the VR platform.

Htc vive game platform,vr game ,vr

Racing VR Era: Speedy Adventures Driving with Head Mounted Devices

Arcade Racing Game Console and VR Racing Game Console Arcade racing game console is a street racing device that combines excitement and entertainment. Through realistic simulation control, players can experience the fun of high-speed driving on a variety of tracks. The roar of the engine and the feeling of speed make players feel like they are on a real racing track.

The VR racing game console is the future evolution of arcade machines. It uses advanced virtual reality technology to allow players to fully immerse themselves in the realistic racing world after wearing a VR headset. Through immersive visual and auditory experiences, every game becomes more exciting and exciting. Exquisite racing models, realistic track designs, and various game modes allow players to experience unprecedented racing fun. Whether it is single player or multiplayer battle, it can bring a new gaming experience.

Therefore, if you are interested in more VR products, please feel free to inquiry.

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