Skyfun 360 extreme halo VR 360-degree fantasy journey: explore the world of speed light wheel.

January 26, 2024
Skyfun 360 extreme halo VR  360-degree fantasy journey: explore the world of speed light wheel.

In the virtual roller coaster scene of 360 extreme halo 360 degree vr rotation machine , you will be immediately taken into a thrilling roller coaster ride. In the picture, you can see fantastic scenery, overlook the cityscape from high altitude, travel through various terrains, and experience the thrilling feeling of speeding by, making you feel like you are in a world full of adventure and excitement.

Unique features of 360 VR simulator:

360-degree all-round experience: The 360-degree rotating light wheel breaks the limitations of traditional VR amusement equipment. It is a machine that can rotate 360 degrees in all directions, allowing users to rotate 360 degrees and enjoy an immersive virtual world.

Wonderful game content: With more than 30+ game content, this 360 VR chair provides rich and diverse game content, covering urban roller coaster series, Jurassic Park series, hunting game series and many other types, allowing users to experience different games pleasure.

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Comfortable seat design: Two comfortable gaming seats are made of high-end soft leather materials, allowing users to feel comfortable and safe while experiencing the fun of gaming.

 High-tech appearance: This machine has made great changes in shape based on the traditional 360 VR simulator. The entire appearance is round, which will increase the realism of the entire game when the machine rotates.

Strong handle and foot safety belt design: In order to ensure the safety of users, 360 Extreme Halo VR has designed a strong handle and foot safety belt, plus two protective fences to ensure the safety of users when experiencing virtual reality games. Users can enjoy the game with confidence without worrying about safety issues.

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High-quality configuration: Using DPVR E3C glasses, the game screen is clearer. With a 42-inch high-definition display screen and changeable colored lights, it is a very attractive VR device.The unique operation method can attract more people to stay. According to feedback from customers who have purchased this device, customers say that the game content of this machine is very exciting, especially when the game switches to a roller coaster, you can truly see the scene at high altitude. , it feels just like a real roller coaster in an amusement park. And the cost is lower than the cost of going to the amusement park, which is a good gaming experience.

Suitable for multiple scenarios: You can put it in a VR theme park, or pair it with some machines such as gift machines, claw machines, arcade racing machines, dancing machines, and console games to diversify the machines in the entire place. To attract more customers, people of every age group can find a game that suits them. You can also place it in the showroom of a shopping mall or various entertainment centers to attract more people to participate in the experience.

The launch of 360 Extreme Halo VR brings users a richer and more diverse gaming experience. Users experience the fun and excitement brought by 360 Extreme Halo VR, enriching users’ entertainment life. Choose to partner with SkyfunVR to start your VR adventure. As the industry's leading VR provider of virtual reality solutions, SkyfunVR provides users with high-quality VR equipment and professional team services. Cooperating with SkyfunVR means you will get more support and help, please join us now!

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