VR Escape Room

VR Escape Room is based on the experience for the physical store, reproducing the content through AR technology, the game is the same as the experience of the escape room in the store, very Immersive, easy to operate, now has three contents online, follow-up contents will constantly updated, it is a game with outstanding marketing performance.

VR room escape selling point:

  1. Free walking in the space of the game.
  2. Can exchange itemsandpass information with teammates to get important clues.
  3. Three contents, and per one have several plots,exciting and advanturous!
  4. Just need the vr equipments and a room, can play, differ from traditional escape room.

Hardware list:

  1. htc headset*2
  2. Computer*2
  3. Locator*2
  4. Handles*4
  5. 19 inch monitor*2    42 inch monitor*1
  6. Contents*3