Top 10 Virtual Reality Business Opportunities


Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the world of technology. And with the vast and limitless range of possibilities VR has to offer, it is an ideal choice for small as well as large-scale businesses that are looking to target an unaddressed and relatively unexplored niche. In this article, we break down the 10 best Virtual Reality business ideas that are suited especially to small businesses and we also list primary features of each.

VR Arcade

Advantage: Nearly guaranteed revenue

With several such venues popping up in locations all over the world such as Calgary, Minnesota, Singapore as well as New York – It turns out that more and more people are willing to come to the Arcades with groups of friends.

VR Arcades are the revolution in the world of Arcades. With a VR headset like HTC VIVE, Oculus, PlayStation, you can play many games and get a better experience than traditional arcades.

And there are some VR game machines that combine games with the simulator and VR headset to provide powerful immersive experience for the player. Such as 360 rotating VR simulatorMotorbike VR simulator and etc. Some arcade owners can run their VR business with only 1 or 2 VR simulator, 9D VR egg cinema is one of the most popular choices.

The VR Arcades allow people to engage in VR Gaming and experience the virtual reality worlds without buying a VR headset and simulators for themselves. While setting up such an arcade does take some money, the high entrance fee charged by such venues results in very high profits and will eventually make up for the investment.

VR Café

Advantage: Relaxing time

For nearly 30 years, internet cafés have filled an important niche across the globe. Also known as cybercafés, these places provide computer and internet access to travelers, and to persons who do not have pc at home. Thanks to the astronomical growth of virtual reality technology, a new business model is emerging that promises to transform the industry.

Welcome to internet café 2.0 — the VR café. Compare to cybercafes, the VR café could bring more fun for customers, and more attractive. And it could also be a cafe that offer both coffee and VR experience, eg. VRcafepa.

VR Communities

Advantage: Low cost

In the world of fandoms, fairs and Comic – VR Communities are an excellent idea that can help you bring together people from all over the world at one place to interact with each other as well as participating in a simulated event.

Once you’ve developed a reputation for yourself in the market, you can cultivate a whole new demographic that is interested in your services. Moreover, you can get advertisers and companies to have you endorse them during these events and hence make even more profits in the process.

VR Streaming Services

Advantage: Large potential users

Streaming is really taking over the world in terms of everything from TV, movies, music, and sports. The influence is so vast that it is thought that cables and TVs will be going obsolete soon.

VR Streaming Services can help you tap into a whole new unexplored demographic. You can offer viewers to stream live via VR and have a wholesome viewing experience on an engaging and interactive platform.

VR Museums

Advantage: Academia

If the idea hasn’t popped in your head before, it’s going to be staying in there for a very long time! Museums are the place to go when you want to view artifacts and get a taste of the past. And what better way to transport people to other worlds and transcending time and place than a VR Museum experience!

This can become a very profitable business and can allow people from all over the world to subscribe to your service to get tours, presentations as well as 3D videos to have a wholesome and memorable museum experience. It will need some time to collect the content of museums at the beginning and you could sell them million times.

VR Hardware Repairs

Advantage: New Market

This idea doesn’t have to do with using VR but actually allowing other people to make use of their VR hardware without disruption. VR Hardware Repair is a niche but also neglected area. As VR hardware is often sold as luxury items at very high costs, people are more willing to have their devices repaired rather than buying new ones when something goes wrong.

VR Hardware Repair shops can help make a significant difference in the world of VR, all the while also allowing you to make some very solid money.

VR Dating Services

Advantage: New trend

The world of dating has pretty much taken a 360-degree shift from the real world into the virtual world over the past decade. There’s more possibility of one finding a partner through a dating app than at a bar or a party today. This is why VR Dating Services can be an extremely lucrative business idea.

This service can basically enable the two parties to not only meet each other online but have a first date with each other without having to leave their house! If you’re hesitant to meet your date for the first time in person – just use a VR Dating Service!

Virtual Reality Headsets Rentals

Advantage: Highly lucrative

Virtual Reality headsets are progressively high in demand and are going to become all the more popular as the world has more exposure to VR. The problem is, VR headsets are usually sold as luxury items at staggeringly high costs. VR Headset Rentals can help you bridge this gap by allowing your clients to rent their VR devices instead of having to buy new ones.

While this will require you to invest in a significant amount of capital, it can also help you tap into a niche and highly lucrative market in the long run.

VR for Fitness

Advantage: People’s paint point

Fitness is all the rage in the 21st Century. And VR for fitness can allow prospective clients to participate in activities that engage their whole bodies and lose weight in the long run. All the while having fun too! Imagine this, when you running on a treadmill and ware a VR headset, you could feel like running on the beach, forest, and even the sky and fairy tale.

This kind of service can really push the boundaries when it comes to exercise and fitness and has the potential to become the next big thing in the world of gyms and even sports.

VR Therapy Clinics

Advantage: Increased Safety and Control

With an increased awareness and sensitivity towards mental health, there’s also an increased demand for therapy for people who are looking to overcome psychological disorders such as stress-related disorders, depression, autism, PTSD and several different forms of phobias. VR Therapy Clinics can allow patients to get in touch with the best therapists from the comfort of their homes.

This is especially helpful for patients who are looking to overcome anxiety, as they’ll already be hesitant to meet their therapist in person for the first time.

These are only 10 of the endless possibilities of making money with virtual reality. VR is already here, why not make the most of it and create your own business?

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