Custom vr driving simulator vendor Manufacturer | SKYFUN

Custom vr driving simulator vendor Manufacturer | SKYFUN

Regarding the quality control of SKYFUN every production stage is under strict quality inspection. For example, its anti-static capacity is tested to ensure users' safety.
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Set up years ago, SKYFUN is a professional manufacturer and also a supplier with strong capabilities in production, design, and R&D. vr driving simulator SKYFUN is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products and one-stop service. We will, as always, actively provide prompt services such. For more details about our vr driving simulator and other products, just let us know.There is an overseeing quality division to monitor aspects of product quality of SKYFUN . This division adopts statistical methods, probabilistic computing method and other ways to ensure its quality stability.

Helicopter 9D VR

VR Helicopter Game Simulator - 9D VR Airplane Machine

VR Helicopter Simulator, An autonomous 9d vr flight simulator that features an interactive shooting joystick, newest airplane shape design, an exquisite cockpit made of fiberglass material, a comfortable leather seat, and a multi-degree-of-freedom motion system to simulate low-altitude turns, dives, and accelerating takeoffs, allowing for an immersive and authentic driving and flying experience.

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Material: Sheet metal fiberglass

Size: 230*150*188cm

Weight: 250kg

Power: 3500w

Space required: 3.5 square meters

Content: 20+games


Mode of payment:Code scanning/cardswiping/coin operated/banknote/free

Helicopter 9D virtual reality simulator effect diversification and differentiation


Game dedicated aircraft controller:

Suitable Venue Of Helicopter Simulator Vr Make the experience more inclined to authenticity

Cool appearance with LED lights:

More eye-catching, more cool and beautiful

VR glasses:DEEPOON E3C

Resolution of:1440X2560

42-inch high-definition display screen

9D VR Flight Simulator Description

The Helicopter VR Flying Simulator takes the thrill of helicopter flight to new heights, quite literally! This groundbreaking gaming experience transports you into a hyper-realistic virtual world where you can take on the role of a daring pilot. Strap on your VR headset and prepare to be amazed as stunningly realistic graphics surround you, simulating breathtaking landscapes and cities from all over the globe with mind-boggling accuracy. As soon as you sit behind the controls, you feel an incredible sense of control and freedom – it's almost like touching the sky. 

The responsiveness of the simulator's joystick gives an uncanny feeling of maneuvering through air currents, while advanced motion sensors track every subtle movement for even greater immersion.  From search-and-rescue operations to adrenaline-pumping aerial races against rivals from around the world, this VR Helicopter Flying Game Simulator opens up endless possibilities for exploration and challenge. So tighten your seatbelt—excitement awaits at every turn in this mesmerizing virtual world!

Suitable Venue Of Helicopter Simulator VR

Amusement parks, shopping malls, busy streets, leisure clubs, cinemas

We are here to offer you high-quality vr flight simulator at the best prices you can get. Contact us now!

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