SKYFUN | Custom 9d virtual reality simulator for sale vendor

SKYFUN | Custom 9d virtual reality simulator for sale vendor

SKYFUN is manufactured under a complete production system. From automatic assembly and mechanical assembly to manual assembly operated by skilled workers, professional technicians are always there to supervise and inspect.
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Set up years ago, SKYFUN is a professional manufacturer and also a supplier with strong capabilities in production, design, and R&D. 9d virtual reality simulator for sale We will do our best to serve customers throughout the whole process from product design, R&D, to delivery. Welcome to contact us for further information about our new product 9d virtual reality simulator for sale or our company.During the production of SKYFUN the defective percentage is strictly under control. Quality is guaranteed by rigorous control and monitor of each production process to meet the quality standards required in the electronics industry.

vr gaming chair

9d Virtual Reality Chair Description

1. Seating Configuration: This 9D VR chair typically consists of four individual seats arranged in a row or in a circular formation.

2. Vibration, push your back, sweep leg, wind behind the ear, and air injection. Those effects could create the virtual environment and make the experiencers have real feeling of physical shock in this 9D VR chair

3. Virtual Reality Headsets: Each seat is equipped with a virtual reality headset, allowing users to experience high-quality visuals and audio.

Multi Person 9D VR Chair(Four seater)

Multi Person 9d VR chair make the audience to have the most powerful realism sense from the auditory, visual, tactile, as exposure to the movies, through environmental simulation to have wind, air jet, leg touch, back poke, vibration environmental effects, real feeling, immersive and fun. the four-seater 9D virtual reality chair incorporates motion simulation technology. Each seat can move independently, providing users with a synchronized and immersive experience that corresponds to actions within the virtual environment.

Material: Sheet metal

Size: 180*348*221cm

Weight: 450kg

Power: 5000w

Space required: 6.6 square meters

Content: 100+games


Mode of payment:Code scanning/cardswiping/coin operated/banknote/free

Multi Person VR Cinema special effect diversification and differentiation

Air spary effect, ear wind effect, back poker effect, butt vibration effect, leg sweep effect


Interactive Button:

Some game content can be interacted with buttons

Multiple consoles available:

Choose different consoles under different business models to attract more consumption

Sweep leg effect

LED light effect

Make the machine more brilliant and eye-catching

High quality 9D VR movies,keep updating

100 Movies + 15 interactive games


Suitable venue

Amusement parks, shopping malls, busy streets, leisure clubs, cinemas

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