SKYFUN VR amusement equipment successfully entered Australia

In Australia, our client decided to purchase an eye-catching VR egg chair and two two-person 360-degree VR devices to provide an exciting virtual reality experience. One of the two-person 360-degree VR devices is placed in a busy local shopping mall, while the other two are installed on a mobile semi-open truck, so that it can be moved to crowded areas or activity gathering places at any time. The introduction of these devices has brought great returns to our customers and made a splash in the local market.

The VR equipment placed in the shopping mall immediately became the focus of people's attention. Tourists in the shopping mall were attracted by the cool appearance of the VR egg chair and 360-degree equipment, and stopped to watch curiously. Manufactured with high-quality materials, these devices offer comfortable seating and advanced technology for an immersive experience for players. Visitors can choose a variety of virtual reality games and applications through the controller, such as adventure, racing, shooting, virtual roller coaster, etc., to enjoy the immersive feeling. Gamers have marveled at the highly interactive and realistic nature of these devices, finding it an exciting and memorable entertainment experience.

The VR equipment placed in the mall quickly became one of the most eye-catching merchants. Tourists expressed great interest in this novel form of entertainment and joined in the experience one after another. They share their experience on VR devices through social media to attract more people to participate. This not only brings more traffic to the mall, but also improves the popularity and brand image of the mall. Players have expressed their love and appreciation for VR devices, thinking that it is an innovative entertainment method that adds fun and excitement to their shopping trips.

The two VR devices installed on the truck have brought more business opportunities for customers. This mobile truck is ready to go to high traffic areas or event gathering places and attract the attention of large crowds. Whenever arriving at a new location, these VR devices will attract people's attention and interest. People stopped to watch, take pictures, and many decided to experience the thrill of the virtual reality world. Customers are very satisfied with this mobile VR amusement experience, and they see the business opportunities and growth potential brought by this innovative business model.

In general, Australian customers purchased and placed our VR equipment and achieved excellent results. The equipment in the mall has become the focus of attention, attracting many tourists who go shopping. The equipment on the mobile truck has also caused a sensation in different places, bringing more business opportunities to customers. Players have expressed their love and appreciation for the devices, believing they provide them with exciting and memorable experiences. Customers have very positive feedback on product purchases, and they have seen the business opportunities and market potential brought about by this innovative business model. We will continue to strive to innovate and improve to provide customers with more engaging virtual reality entertainment devices and help them stand out in the market.

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