About skyfun All employees go to the factory for VR product training

December 08, 2023

In order to improve employees' understanding of the company's products, we held a wonderful product knowledge training. This training focused on the company’s latest introduction of virtual reality (VR) entertainment equipment, including VR double egg chairs(vr cinema),Mecha warriors, and console games.

During the training, the employees had an in-depth understanding of the VR Double Egg Chair. They learned the design concept, technical specifications and wide application of egg chairs in entertainment venues, and summarized some advantages:1.Durable material composed of fibeglass and hardware. 2.various special  effects :according to the content in the game ,different  platform amplitudes are formed,thereby making the player's expreience more intense and exciting .3.Two game shooting controllers can press button shooting while playing games.

vr egg chair,vr cinema,vr game mahcine,9d virtual reality machine

Subsequently,The training focus then turned to MechaWarrior,(VR game machine simulator  )one of the entertainment devices exclusively developed by SkyfunVR. Employees learned about MechWarrior's unique design, gameplay and interactivity with other devices.And summarized some advantages:1.Metal material design :80% of the  MechWarrior's  body is made of metal, which not only gives the device strong and durable properties, but also shows a noble and unique appearance.2.Dual display:The device is equipped with two displays,allowing players to view game content clearly and comprehensively, providing a more immersive visual experience.3.Space design for VR glasses: A special space is designed inside the device for placing VR glasses, reducing possible damage caused by improper placement of the glasses and extending the service life of the device.4.Removable Seat Pads: The MechWarrior Seat's pads are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that the device always remains fresh and comfortable. 

mecha warrior,vr factoy price

Finally, the training content covered console games, and employees learned about the company's latest console game (arcade game machine)products. They learned the features, game content and user interaction methods of console games, which provided strong support for future promotion and sales.1.40-inch HD screen:clear game graphics allow players to immerse themselves in high-quality visual enjoyment.2.Multiplayer experience: console games often support local multiplayer, allowing players to play with friends or family on the same console. This face-to-face multiplayer experience brings greater social interaction and fun.3.Multiple payment methods:Supports banknotes and coins.Our equipment can be placed in various VR entertainment places.  

  console pc game machine,arcade game machine


In addition, our engineers also conducted a brief assessment of this training session. Through this training, we not only improved our understanding of the company's products, but also deepened our awareness of teamwork and service. This will help us better cope with market competition and provide customers with a better VR entertainment experience.

We also shared some ideas.Sales strategy sharing: The company provides practical sales strategies for different products, including target customer groups, market positioning and how to highlight the unique selling points of the products.Customer Service Concept: We emphasize the importance of customer service, especially in the field of VR entertainment. Good customer experience will directly affect the product's reputation and market share.Teamwork: In the training, we emphasized the importance of teamwork and encouraged team members to work together to leverage their respective strengths and provide better services to customers.

Overall, this training provided the team with a rich learning experience, which not only improved the professional level of employees, but also enhanced the cohesion of the team. We look forward to using these training results to better serve customers and promote the company's development in the field of VR entertainment.


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