AR VR Arcade Shooting Machine

AR VR Arcade Shooting Machine is an automated device for users to experience virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) shooting games in public places such as game halls, entertainment centers, squares, and shopping malls.

This arcade shooting machine usually includes one or more shooting stations, controllers (such as handles, gun controllers, etc.), head-mounted displays (such as VR headsets), and other auxiliary equipment, such as vibration feedback devices, audio, etc. The user wears the head-mounted display and picks up the controller, and by watching the virtual screen in the head-mounted display, performs shooting operations with real actions, thereby experiencing virtual reality or augmented reality shooting games.

AR VR arcade shooting machines usually use high-quality 3D graphics and sound effects to bring users into a virtual game world through virtual reality or augmented reality technology, providing an immersive shooting game experience. Users can interact with virtual enemies or targets in the game, and use the controller to perform operations such as shooting, reloading, aiming, etc., to obtain game scores or complete tasks.

AR VR arcade shooting machines can be maintained and managed by operators, including device settings, game updates and maintenance, coin coin management, etc. Users pay by inserting coins or buying game currency. More information and more cheap AR VR Arcade Shooting Machine to buy can contact SKYFUN


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